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Be Well of Heart.

Be Well of Mind.

Be WellSpirit.

An authentic celebration and consciously inclusionary group of remarkable women.

WellSpirit is a unique and powerful network of women offering educational opportunities designed to help create a more satisfying and enjoyable professional life, a more connected and spiritual personal life. We aim to foster an environment that promotes a spirit of service and advocacy to help others suffering from injustices and other social constructs.

WellSpirit is a collaborative, connected, and caring collective of strong, brilliant, and resilient women who are committed to cultivating a stronger, healthier, and more just future for generations of women to come.


WellSpirit encourages you to Elevate, Bloom, and be Her’d.

WellSpirit’s bi-annual conventions are driven by a holistic approach to complete wellness.  By fine-tuning the professional, personal, and social justice lenses we view the world through, we are able to consciously create a more powerful and spiritually robust future for ourselves and others.




be Her’d.


Elevate is the professional development facet of WellSpirit. We work toward eliminating the emotional and mental barriers that prove to hinder the long term success of women in the workplace.  Our business enhancement workshops guide you through mentorship, networking, and understanding the critical role you play in assisting other women with realizing their career goals.


The personal development aspect of WellSpirit, Bloom takes attendees on a journey through conscious, emotional, and spiritual awakening. This process helps to unleash and release any internal obstacles that may be preventing true success and happiness.  Bloom includes yoga, spa treatments, chakra balancing, wellness training, nutritional guidance, and inspirational speakers – all in tandem with our highly effective and popular growth-centric sessions.


Arguably one of the most important areas of focus in all of WellSpirit.  As women, we are called to be the keepers, protectors, and advocates for our fellow sisters.  However, our calling is to do more than simply stand for other women – we are called to stand up against all types of injustice or discrimination in the world.  Her’d is the community engagement and advocacy element of WellSpirit, helping women understand how to not only advocate for themselves, but how to be an ally to others in the fight for equality.

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What People Are Saying About WellSpirit
Pat W. ~ Cary, NC

Thanks for a wonderful and stimulating conference and thank you for your generosity in organizing
it. I loved the spa treatments after the sessions.

Conscious. Connected. Celebrated.

WellSpirit convenes twice a year in various locations that are deemed to be a safe and sacred space for our work.  Each location is carefully planned, and we do truly guarantee a one-of-a-kind, lifechanging experience.

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