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About WellSpirit

WellSpirit is steadfast in our mission to establish and foster a safe community for women to feel empowered, enriched, and celebrated in a way that encourages unapologetic, raw, and unwavering advocacy designed to shift the narrative of how women are viewed and treated throughout the world.

WellSpirit is an inclusive community of women hailing from different backgrounds designed to create a safe and sacred space to embrace our power, speak our truth, and help change the narrative of how women are viewed, heard, and treated.

At WellSpirit, we embrace a fully conscious, intentional, and holistic approach to female empowerment and celebration, addressing the unique properties of the mind, body, and spirit.  Through our innovative programs and supportive community, WellSpirit offers three unique programs designed to build professional development, personal growth, and community engagement.  Each program is curated to create a true sense of purpose and placement in a traditionally patriarchal world – and instead, rise above and take the space that is rightfully yours. 

We are a traveling network and community, convening bi-annually at various locations throughout the world.  We welcome the opportunity to invite you into our multi-cultural collective of brilliant minds, powerful spirits, and determined hearts. 

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